February 6, 2007

SQuAD 2007 6th Annual Conference

Posted by Ben Simo

The 6th annual SQuAD (Software Quality Assurance of Denver) conference is coming March 14th and 15th. This is a great opportunity to get out of the office and network with other Colorado software testers. ... and I'll be presenting tips for building a Model-Based Test Engine on top of existing test automation tools.


Dorothy Graham
-Test Automation
-Software Testing Bird’s-eye View: Techniques and Management.

Randy Rice
-How to Build and Environment for Test Team Success
-Test Case Optimization using Orthogonal Arrays Case Scenarios

Cordell Vail
-The Social Psychology of Improving Software Testing Processes.

Lisa Crispin
- Agile Testing for “Traditional” Testers and Agile Team Members

Jef Knutson
-Agile Test Process - Get There Now, By Doing It in Pieces

Alex Pukinskis
-Delivering Flawless Tested Software Every Iteration


Randy Rice
-Risky Business—The Perils and Pitfalls of Risk-Based Testing

Dorothy Graham
-Testing to improve requirements—Mission Impossible?

Track Sessions

Lee Copeland
-The Banana Principle For Testers: Knowing When To Stop Testing

Jean McAuliffe
-Agile Testing Practices—GoodFood For All Teams

Jeff Tatelman
-Implementing a Final Regression Testing Process

Joe Towns
-Case Study: Test Methodology that works

Matt Leiphart
-Understanding (and Untangling) Verification and Validations Requirements of CMMI & ISO 9001 in the World of Software Testing

Cordell Vail
-Adapting Test Plans to Your Environment

Ben Simo
-Building a Model-Based Test Engine For Dynamic Test Automation

John Balza
-Better Information From Your Test Metrics

To register: http://e2ma.net/go/459921126/362687/11532695/goto:http://www.squadco.com/conference.html