May 9, 2007

I'll be at STAR East in Orlando next week

Posted by Ben Simo

I'll be at STAR East next week I'll be in Orlando from mid-day Tuesday through Saturday evening. Last I heard, there's still time to register.

I will be a track speaker Thursday morning. My session is titled "Build a Model-Based Testing Framework for Dynamic Test Automation". Come learn how test automation can go beyond retracing paths already traced by manual testing. Learn how to send your automation out to explore an application and bring back useful information. Learn to model behavior instead of script test cases.

Come find me sometime after the presentation to talk about details that won't fit in a 50-minute presentation.

If you'd like to talk testing, send me an email. (If you don't get a response, my SPAM filter may be getting in the way. Try the blog comment feature.)

I am looking forward to talking testing with great minds. I have found that I often learn as much -- or more -- during discussions over lunch and dinner at conferences than I learn during the scheduled conference activities.