May 5, 2007

Coffee Break Machine Testing

Posted by Ben Simo

It's good to have some idea as to what something does before you start testing it -- or eating it.

Cookie Monster does a little testing in a 1967 IBM training film.

Thanks to UtterlyGeek.

What do you call this kind of testing?



May 06, 2007  
Anonymous wrote:

Hi Ben,

love this one

awakes memories to Willy coyote (from RoadRunner). Willy also should have tested more before trying his inventions :-)
Some elements like "wish for eating" and "self destruction" are selling gags.

Well, I would call this "kind of testing" then no-matter-what-you-do-somehow-you-get-killed-TESTs :-)
(we do not know, if cookie monster would have really not eaten the device, when the function of the device would have been announced to him earlier - perhaps he does not believe the spoken specification ? )


May 18, 2007  
Ben Simo wrote:

Cookie Monster definitely does not suffer from analysis paralysis. In fact, all his analysis seems to be focused on the taste and/or hunger-removing properties of the computer -- except that he bypasses the inexpensive and cheap component.

Or maybe he is performing durability testing.

The computer's narration does appear to direct Cookie Monster's attention. Perhaps he needs to defocus. :)