May 3, 2012

Target Tested ✔

Posted by Ben Simo

Computers empower us to create and manipulate things in ways that don't produce quite what we intended. This requires testing for what we don't expect.

There is a problem with this advertisement from Target Australia. Can you spot it? 



May 03, 2012  
Anonymous wrote:

Men's Fleece jumper price is $27 on the picture and $13 on the right (which is btw inconsistent with the price A).

May 03, 2012  
SoftTest123 wrote:

I'm not sure what price "A." has to do with "Men's Fleece jumper." and all of the prices are inconsistent but nice catch.

May 03, 2012  
Anonymous wrote:

LOL. The advertisement is f.u.b.r.

Some may say the prices and the percentage are wrong (or at least misleading), but what about the extra hand on the women solder?


May 04, 2012  
Claire Moss wrote:

I can't help wondering... is that an online shopping cart icon in the bottom right corner?